Nanolex Matte Protection Set


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Nanolex Matte Protection Set (NXMB01) provides complete protection for satin or matte paintwork, which requires different care products to standard, lacquered paint finishes.

Nanolex Matte Surface Set includes:

  • Nanolex Matte Paint Sealant 100ml
  • Nanolex Matte Surface Cleaner 200ml
  • Nanolex Applicator Pad x10
  • Nanolex MF Purple x2
  • Nitril Glove x2

Nanolex Matte Paint Sealant is a specialist spray sealant for matte paints and surfaces. It is designed to form a long lasting chemical bond with the Matte surface, offering a molecular protection without any enhanced gloss or shine.

Nanolex Matte Surface Cleaner is a specialized cleaner for matte paints and surfaces. It is designed to thoroughly cleanse any matte surface of contaminants such as grime, dirt, grease and fingerprints.


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