Polytop Neox 50ml + 2x Prep 150ml + Booster 150ml Starter-Set


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 15000700-1 Κατηγορία:


As a polymer matrix, the polysilazanes contained form a reactive and permanent connection with the paint surface. The microscopic unevenness of the paintwork is sealed and an easy-to-clean and extremely dirt-repellent, hard protective layer is created. Gloss, color depth, smoothness and hydrophobicity of the paint surface are significantly enhanced. The paint is also protected against environmental influences and damage caused by oxidation, salt, acids, insects and rust film. A homogeneous, semi-matt finish is created on matt paint.?

Easy on / Easy off-Formel
reactive surface compound
Service life 5 out of 5 stars (approx. 20,000 – 30,000 km)

The POLYTOP NEOX® STARTER SET contains all items required for coating 1 to 2 vehicles. Scope of delivery:

• 2x NEOX® PREP 150ml

• 1x NEOX® GLAZE 50ml

• 1x NEOX® BOOSTER 150ml

• 1x NEOX® RAGS 10 pack

• 1x NEOX® APPLICATOR Additionally:

• 2x NEOX® mirror pendants

• 2x NEOX® seal stickers for the door entry

• 2x NEOX® seal stickers for use behind glass

• 1x NEOX® brochure • 2x latex disposable gloves size. L


particularly easy processing
Resistant to cleaning agents from pH 2 to pH 13
dauerhafter Easy-to-Clean-Effekt
Can be used on gloss and matt finishes
Can be used on painted or polished rims
Can be used on lacquer systems with clear lacquer
intensive water beading effect
several layers can be applied
protects against oxidation, salt, acids, insects and rust film

How to apply :

Place a NEOX® RAGS application cloth around the NEOX® APPLICATOR without any wrinkles. When using the cloth for the first time, distribute approx. 20 – 30 drops onto the application surface of the application cloth. When re-dosing, apply about 10 – 15 drops evenly to the application surface. Use a new application cloth after about 3 body parts. If the cloth is soiled, change it immediately.
Distribute NEOX® GLAZE evenly on the paintwork surface, crosswise and slightly overlapping. Make sure that the surface is completely wetted. Treat larger body components in sections
(max. half bonnet).
Polish off NEOX® GLAZE immediately (max. 2 minutes) after application with two high-quality, short-pile microfibre cloths (POLYTOP MICROFIBER CLOTH PREMIUM) in two passes – working on the surface from the outside inwards. Change the sides of the cloth regularly.